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Quora fan?  We answer the occasional question, but mostly we’re just addicts.

Bibliophile?  Three books published and anonymously writing a serialized fourth novel.

Set on the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia, Campaka follows Elizabeth on a quest to find her parents’ murderer.  But her insatiable curiosity lands Elizabeth and her siblings in a battle for the future of Bali.  Over a hundred people have died from dehydration and all the clues point south.  Will Elizabeth decode the puzzle?  How can she battle what she doesn’t know?

Rating- Fantastic     “Campaka has a sense of awareness to it. It gives me chills…makes me sympathize.  It was an eye opener… beautifully written with so much detail…well worth the read.  The author has great talent.”
by Beautifully Mixed

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Under Wraps

Warning: mature content

”Thanks for the fun and interesting mystery read…not what I was expecting. It was so odd and strange and I’ve never read something like this…I couldn’t put it down!”
Kaitlyn Summers

An Alabama family becomes the target of computer hackers, who use the family’s own laptops, tablets, and cell phones to record some rather…intimate footage. Reluctant cyber-sleuth Helen battles sinister forces – both online and off – and discovers a nightmarish conspiracy in the process. A conspiracy that threatens not only her children’s innocence, but perhaps their very lives.



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